We are pleased to contribute to H+N+S Jubilee serie on "Future Agenda"

04.02.2015 "Journée de l'espace public" PARCKFARM
Brussels expo, Heysel, 10h30-11h30 , salle 2 , entrée libre
12.12.2014 KU Leuven, Belgium "Paris- Bruxelles"
20.11.2014 Brussels, Belgium "plateforme, paysages-pratiques"
Entrée gratuite / Gratis entree
de 12h15 à 14h. - van 12.15 tot 14.00 uur.
Salle des Guichets (RDCh), BIP, rue Royale 2-4, 1000 Bruxelles.
Lokettenzaal (glvl), BIP, Koningsstraat 2-4, 1000 Brussel.
info: evenement@adt.irisnet.be

18.11.2014 Cape Town, South Africa
UCT Landscape Architecture / ILASA Event
Public Lecture in Pink Room by Sébastien Penfornis (Taktyk, Paris)

07.11.2014 Brussels, Belgium
13:45 u Tijdelijkheid als hefboom voor gebiedsontwikkeling
In Vlaanderen zien we steeds vaker tijdelijke projecten ontstaan in afwachting van de realisatie van strategische projecten. Wat is de betekenis van die zogenaamde tijdelijke projecten? Hoe kunnen kleine events of participatietrajecten een meerwaarde bieden voor een ruimer gebied? Zijn het werkelijk tijdelijke fenomenen of dragen ze toch een zekere duurzaamheid in zich? Hoe essentieel zijn ze in de ontwikkeling van het gebied op langere termijn?
Case Study "Parckfarm as experiment for a new parkmodel " TAKTYK with ALIVE ARCHITECTURE For More infos (link)

In Taktyk Paris
Lecture #1 - 11.10.2014 , Chris Johnstone (previous collaborator TCL) will present : The NAC (National Arboretum Canberra, Australia) + North Wharf Promenade (Auckland, New Zeeland)

02.10.2014 Brussels, Belgium "Bruxellisation, XXI positive?"
Taktyk contributed to the debate "Bruxellisation, XXI positive?" organised by JNC International, Thierry Kandjee reflected upon 4 cases studies to advocate for an integrated & holistic landscape agenda for Brussels.
23.09.2014 Barcelona, Mob, Spain "The Practices of making landscape"

13.03.2014 Vienna
Lx7_Wasser LAND- Zumtobel Lightforum - 7pm
17.04.2013 Birmingham
The international lecture series at BIAD in its seventh year, is an integral part of the landscape architecture postgraduate programme. Open to the rest of the Faculty, the University and professions in the region, the theme this year is “From Abstract to Reality”. Experts talk about the spatial, conceptual ideas underlying design and how these have been used to drive a project from the earliest, embryonic stage through to a strategic, planning, detailed or technical level to shape the quality of physical, cultural context of our lives. This remarkable lecture series, a considerable feather in the cap for the region and for BIAD, introduces key movers and shakers in the world of spatial design. Multidisciplinary, breaking down of traditional conceptual and institutional silos, the speakers are working to carve out a greatly expanded field of practice.

A new blend ? - European practice in focus , Capita Selecta, Academie van Bouwkunst , Amsterdam.

13.12.2012 : Conférence
Entre stratégies de territoire et pratiques de médiation, des Pays Bas au Maroc, Thierry Kandjee présente l'état d'une recherche par la pratique portant sur l'orchestration des transformations du paysage .

18.10.2012 : Public Lecture
Taktyk in Helsinki!
Invited to participate in the seminar FINNSCAPES for the "Landscape Architecture Day", Sébastien Penfornis has presented some reflections on the notion of identity and the process of manufacturing a landscape project at the office.

18.10.2012 : Conférence
Taktyk à Helsinki !
Invité à participer au séminaire FINNSCAPES, lors du « Landscape Architecture Day », Sébastien PENFORNIS a présenté le travail de l'agence en proposant quelques pistes de réflexions autour de la notion d'identité et des différents processus de fabrication du projet de paysage.

13.09.2012 :Public Lecture in the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

“Micro Macro, penser les espaces publics de Bruxelles”
Louvain la neuve, Brussels 2012

Ecole d'architecture de Bretagne, 2012

La Cambre architecture school, Brussels 2009

“Prospective design”
2d Biennale of landscape, architecture and art in the Canary Islands, seminar
“dessiner sur l’herbe”, 17th April 2009

“Design practices”
HES Lullier, Switzerland, 26th February 2009
“topotypes, towards ground urbanism”,

IFLA 45th world congress, Netherlands 01th June 2008

Louvain La Neuve school of urban planning 08th May 2008

Academie Van Bouwkunst, Amsterdam 24th April 2008

3ème assise européenne du paysage, 11th September2007

“Petite lecon de cinema N°11”Pavillon de l’Arsenal, 7th June 2007

“Upside Down, strategies for emerging landscape” AHO Oslo may 2007

”Reflections upon Rotterdam 2050”
Agora des Sciences, Marseille, in December 2006

“uses of water in contemporary French landscape architecture”
presented at the TU Delft, march 2004
presented at the TU Berlin, dec 2004

“experiences of Dutch projects”
presented at the ENSP Versailles, march 2003

ADT -AT0 Brussels
Lecture Thierry Kandjee
Sebastien Penfornis
Lecture serie - Taktyk Paris
# 1- Chris Jonstone